Replacing Broken Window in Basement Window

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How to Replace Glass in a Single-Pane Window in a Basement

replacement window in arizona

So you want to save money on Glass Repair Services. Whether you’re just looking for a modern upgrade or if there is a dangerous break, it’s important that replacing the glass in your windowpane is a task best completed in a timely and safe manner, with emphasis on safe! We strongly recommend you consult a professional if you have any doubts in your own ability to replace the glass. Even if you feel confident enough, remember to wear heavy-duty work gloves, safety glasses, sturdy boots, and a helmet or hard hat. Set up a mat underneath the window to contain any stray shards, and if you can get a good grip, use a towel to hold the glass edges so you’re not risking any lacerations to your palms. Now that you’re ready, let’s break it down:

Glass Replacement Step 1

First, remove any and all broken glass. Dispose carefully in a sealed container. Use slow, controlled, steady movements, and understand that those edges are sharp!
If you do not already have your replacement glass pane, measure the size of the opening of the window as exactly as possible. Some glass companies will expect you to subtract 1/8 of an inch when placing an order, so keep that in mind.
If the window frame is made of metal or of vinyl, use pliers or a screwdriver to remove the sling splines or spring clips, depending on the frame. Insert the replacement glass and reattach the splines or clips, replacing them if they are old or damaged.

Put in the Fixed Glass Step 2

All done! Pat yourself on the back for being so brave and strong.
If the window frame is made of wood, this requires a bit more maintenance. Use a chisel or a putty knife to carefully remove old putty, and use pliers or a glazing tool to remove the metal spikes beneath the putty in the corners of the frame. Gently sand the frame and apply a coat of linseed oil or similar woodworking oil before applying a thin layer glazing compound all around the frame. Press the new glass into the frame, and while it is held in place, insert the metal points back into the corners, and drive new ones into the wood every few inches all around the glass. Then, take a long, thin strip of glazing compound and push it into place around the edges into the space between the frame and the new pane. Smooth it out with the blade of the glazing tool, and you’re done! Just let the compound sit for a week before painting or messing with the frame any further.

Single Pane Complete Window Glass Repair

How did you do? Do you have a generations-old family secret regarding the best way to replace a single-pane window? Are you feeling proud of yourself? We’re definitely happy for you! All it takes is some patience and elbow grease, but it’s not an especially complicated job. Just remember to keep the kids out of the way – your glazing tools are not toys! And again, if you ever feel like it’s too much, call up a professional. Don’t risk your health and safety for a window. Good luck!