FAQ About Commercial Glass Replacements

commercial window boarded and secured

Common questions regarding commercial glass replacement

Many business owners at some point or another will need to have their storefront door or window glass replaced due to break ins, vandalism, or just random events. Below are some frequently asked questions about commercial glass replacement and how to get in touch with a commercial glass replacement company near you.

How thick is commercial glass?

Commercial glass is usually 1/4 thickness. Many storefronts have single pane glass. When it’s commercial insulated glass the overall thickness is usually 1″. That is 2 pieces of 1/4 glass with a 1/2 spacer/

How long does storefront glass take to replace?

Storefront glass can take anywhere from being completed on the same day to a few week turnaround depending on how custom the glass is. Most dual pane commercial units can be done within 7-14 business days and for common single pane glass some of those can be cut on site to fit such as annealed or laminated glass. Tempered glass which is a safety glass has to go through a process before it’s cut so it will have to be ordered in most cases.

Can I put single pane in double pane window?

Many people and business owners want to save money and see if they can put single pane glass in a dual pane window. The problem is the channel thickness is for a certain type of glass. So usually the glass has to be replaced with whatever was in that frame before.

What are common commercial glass tints?

Common commercial glass tints are clear, bronze and gray. Sometimes if you see a greenish tint it could be a solex. There are many tints but the most common you’ll find, especially in single pane are the ones listed above. For new construction there are many new types of Low-E energy efficient glass that can be used in modern buildings.

How to find emergency glass replacement companies

When your business has broken glass you’ll need to get the glass removed and the opening secured as quickly as possible. You might be able to have same day glass replacement done depending on what type of glass you have. Read above to see if you can identify anything about the glass? You can also take pictures and approximate measurements to have on hand when you do make those calls. Many glass companies can give you an approximate price over the phone. They use the type of glass and the square footage to determine glass prices and then they will fit the labor in. Many companies, such as Valleywide Glass LLC in Phoenix AZ offers same day glass replacements on annealed, tempered and laminated glass. Laminated glass is a common safety glass that is used by commercial glass companies to be able to cut on site and finish the glass replacement in the same day. Tempered glass usually has to be measured and ordered but the glass cost can be a bit cheaper. The problem with waiting for tempered glass is you may have to board up the opening. Getting same day glass board ups can be expensive. So call and see if you can find a glass company near you that can replace the glass on the same day.