Kitchen Remodel Tips and Tricks for Home Owners

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Kitchen Remodel Ideas for this years top trends

Looking to redo your kitchen but you don’t know where to start? Look no further! We’ve put together a short guide of ideas for you to play around with. If you pay attention to the following focal areas and put your own unique spin on them, your old outdated kitchen will be looking brand new in no time! Have this information ready when calling a local kitchen remodeling company near you.

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Appliance kitchen remodel ideas

This should be your first priority since the appliances control how you handle and prepare your food. Luckily, they come in all sorts of different styles, often without breaking your budget. A chic red or purple coffeemaker can add a fun, bold splash of color against your stainless steel oven, fridge, microwave, and dishwasher. Or you could go for the classic white metal for a lighter, cleaner look. At the end of the day, though, don’t sacrifice efficiency for aesthetic!

The walls for your home renovation

What color are your walls? Do they make the room feel light and welcoming or dark and drab? A good rule of thumb is to stay away from darker colors in smaller rooms, as they can feel a bit claustrophobic. Also, having the ceiling painted white is a good way to open up the space. If you don’t feel like surrounding yourself with beige, you can take a risk and pick a green, blue, or red tone for some fun. If you keep the trim and accents neutral, the bolder color won’t seem as overwhelming. It’s also suggested that you steer clear of busy wallpapers. Those can make the room feel much more cluttered, and over time are almost guaranteed to peel off.

Countertops and backsplash options for home rehabs

Again, if you’re surrounded by beige and cream colors, you might find yourself slowly going stir-crazy. It’s also not necessarily true that darker countertops will hide stains better. Hard water or grease stains often catch the light, and this will make them stand out even more against dark counters, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing. A tiled backsplash can make a big difference in terms of pulling the room together. Just be sure to color-coordinate.

Details: cabinets, lighting, storage, and more questions for bathroom and kitchen remodeling

Changing up little things around your kitchen can give it a completely different look. You don’t need to replace your shelving units and flooring for it to feel brand new. Décor such as curtains can really pull the room together, and changing out your lighting fixtures (and bulbs!) can as well. You might even consider swapping out your flip light switch for a dimmer – it’s inexpensive and easy to do, and will make your home feel much more modern. If your cabinets are boring you, a new coat of paint and some funky new knobs can be just the thing – or you could remove the doors entirely for some easy-access shelves. The possibilities are endless!

The furniture.
Last but not least, consider updating your table and chairs. Adding new seat cushions or a new tablecloth can be a fun upgrade without having to worry about buying a brand new set. And if you have any wiggle room, you could always consider changing the layout of the room and moving the furniture to different positions. Have fun with it!