Boccebasement Man Cave Ideas

man cave ideas

Man Cave Ideas for a bad ass basement

Many man caves are located in home basements or garage rooms, these are two spots that are often male domains to begin with so expressing your man cave ideas here will be met with little contempt. Garages are known to make great man cave domiciles, since they are often detached from the house and are spacious enough to accommodate several friends and lots of great man cave accessories. Just Hope you have good Air Conditioning or some windows that open. No matter what location is chosen for one’s man cave, it’s always a good idea to bounce any man cave ideas off friends first, since they too will be enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Man Cave Furniture Ideas

A man cave is not a man cave without its share of tables. Pool Tables, bars, poker tables? We’re not talking about just any ordinary tables for your man cave. When it comes time to settling bets or accepting a doubledare, there’s no better way to find out who can truly call himself the Boss of the Man Cave than a good game of beer pong.

While tables are critical to having a place that others will envy, the best man caves often begin with the biggest TVs. As more fans opt to stay home and enjoy the game rather than venture out to a stadium, televisions are becoming more and more important. With HD being the normal thing with today’s TV’s, fans in a man cave can sit back in a recliner and watch the game on a wide-screen television measuring 50 inches or more.

Sitting Home in your basement in comfort

Who wants to sit outside in temperatures below zero or 100 degree weather when they can sit in a warm room with a slice of pizza or in nice AC when everyone else is sweating their balls off. Many man caves are filled PCs and game consoles but the television is still the center piece around which many manly dens are built.

Man cave home bars are designed with many different themes in mind. Some bars are even made to fold up and be out of sight when not in use, although in most man caves the bar is rarely not in use. Once you have your man cave home bar in place next you need to stock the bar with beer and other good stuff.

Once the man cave is outfitted with the right stuff, it’s time to make sure everyone knows what lies behind closed doors. Man cave signs can not only direct friends and family your way, but also show an aspect of your personality. Signs can be customized with your name, along with perhaps a favorite saying of yours. Many man cave signs resemble those found outside pubs and bars, often displaying a beer mug full of draft beer. But if you really want to make sure your man cave draws the attention it deserves, getting a neon sign is the way to go. Often looking like marquee signs found outside movie theaters, these signs can also be customized with your name and other wording. They can also be made in your team’s favorite colors, with the neon lights displaying your team spirit.